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Every day the little girl woke up and loved imagining a life filled with ingredients that she could call her own picture-perfect life. She found her haven with her doll ‘Guddee’ just like many other kids around the world and took a flight of imagination where everything was meant to be colorful, happy, and called her ‘own’.


But it is rightly said that you can’t rely on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

Many years passed, one day while laying on the couch after a long tiring day, she discovered that her home in itself isn’t what she craved for-all of it eluded the element of art and personalization.

She trusted that little voice in her head that said, ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…’; and then she did it.

She reinitiated the ‘Guddee’ character - which could connect with people of all ages and started thinking if everything around her could be customized then why not for every individual’s home, office, and gifts, which will look beautiful and feel like you.

That’s how Guddee started – a hub of customized handmade products for gifting, home décor, and much more. The little girl, Haritha Singh (not that little anymore:), along with her creative warriors are up for some very exciting journeys of fetching the right set of customizable products handcrafted especially for you.


Imagination & the pursuit of spreading the Goodness of handicrafts...

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Guddee is collaboration

Voila! we are here producing customized handicrafts for you.

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A saga of handicrafts penned with various mediums like wood, clay, marble, threads, a plethora of fabrics & much more by highly skilled artisans which are later sent to you after amalgamating your preferences, stories, and experiences via our customized unique handcrafted products.


We collaborate with some amazing, environmentally-conscious artisans to source the best-handcrafted products curated on Guddee. 

We believe in creating livelihood for artisans and women in set NGOs thereby brainstorm possible handcrafted products utilizing their skill sets to create what could fit perfectly in your scheme of style and functional requirement.

A unique product for you or your loved one will be a gift for many!

Pillars of GOH

Pillars set on the base of

'For You, By the Artisans, of the Creative Souls'

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The Ethos of Collaboration
A team with the right mix of traditional and renowned artisans, art hobbyists, designers, creative warriors, and handicraft lovers are here to collaborate and build an urge amongst our patrons to invest in handicraft wholeheartedly. 

Fairtrade and mapping change
Advocate for change through connecting artisans to utilize their skillset and continue with their traditional crafts thereby helping them earn a sustainable wage via fair trade. 

Spreading the Goodness of Handicraft
The locus of our intervention is the rich and varied Indian handicraft folklore, practiced by skilled rural artisans, who create objects of tremendous beauty with strong market potential. Our goal is to provide tangible and intangible inputs to augment their ability to enhance the lives and livelihoods of India’s handicraft and artisans.

Quality , creativity, and innovation
To provide exclusivity, personalization, and customization in every product and therefore to create a mark in the heart of every customer. We want you to have a home that’s reflective of who you are and not of just what’s on-trend with a handful of ‘Guddee’ness from the artisans, via customized handmade home decor, gifting, lifestyle, and toys product range.

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